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"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future." – Agnes M. Pahro


Time always passes fast, but for some reason this year went like a flash. We are welcoming Christmas in 3 weeks time....

Firenze Clinica prepared for Irish Times readers a Special Pamper Package, which will not only make a truly wonderful Christmas gift, which anyone would be grateful for,

but you can treat yourself and relax, indulge and have a moment to yourself and make sure you will fit into this Black Little Dress for the Festive Season.

And all that without leaving your home.


 This offer includes: 

  • Localized Detoxifying Body Wrap
  • Full Skin Analysis
  • Super Firming Cocoa Bean  Moisturizing & Sculpting Facial
  • Hand or Head Massage while you have a mask on
  • Jet Peel or Enzyme Peel
  • Balance Restoring Eye Treatment
  • Neck & Decollete Super Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Treatment
  • Full Body Brushing
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Cherry Blossom Aromatherapy Oils
  • Organic Infusion


1. Dry Body Exfoliation (OPTIONAL) - This special massage uses stroking techniques, applied onto the skin using body mits (Given to you at the end). This action helps increase the blood circulation while removing dead cells from the upper skin layer. This will leave your skin surface smooth and receptive for the following treatments. It is therefore often used as a pre- treatment as it stimulates the  metabolism and expels toxins. ( € 60)

2. Detoxifying Localized Body Wrap - Ground-breaking bespoke detoxifying/firming treatment available now only at Firenze Clinica, consisting of uniquely blended creams & serums, specifically formulated to tighten and firm up  your body's specific areas. The product penetrates the epidermis thru a gentle massage and gets absorbed into the bloodstream staying active in your body for up to 12 hours, promoting detoxification and successfully targets areas of cellulite, water retention and will burn or freeze fat deposits while stimulating the lymphatic system in helping to firm & tone the skin.The results are long lasting and after your first treatment, you will notice your skin smoother, firmer and cellulite visibly reduced. € 95  

4. Skin Analysis -- Find out what your skin needs… Firenze's skin experts will provide insight into your skin’s past and present, create a treatment and recommendation based on their findings. 

5.  Super Firming Cocoa Bean  Moisturizing & Sculpting Facial  - This anti-ageing facial uses the full power of our Swiss Cacao Beans Product Range to leave your skin tauter and glowing with vitality. The Cocoa Bean Moisturising and Sculpting Facial involves a gentle series of relaxing steps with a coconut cleansing your skin, followed by a facial with the very powerful antioxidant properties that cocoa possesses, which are capable of reducing inflammation of the blood vessels while improving circulation. Two very important factors when fighting premature aging. Cocoa beans have several ingredients which have an amazing effect on your skin – phenolic phytochemicals (polyphenols), including flavonoids, procyanidin, and resveratrol In fact they are present at such high concentrations, that cocoa actually has higher antioxidant potential than other heavy weight antioxidants such as green tea or red wine. As always we infuse the facial with our renowned Vitamin C Serum. Suitable for all skin types. € 125

6. Jet Peel Skin Rejuvenation -- A revolutionary painless treatment that deep cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, oxygenates and rejuvenates your skin and allows products to penetrate deeper. Using a high tech skin rejuvenation device with cutting edge technology, this treatment uses only air and saline solution as it exfoliates skin layers while oxygenating and hydrating the skin at the same time. The Jet Peel allows trans-dermal delivery of nutrient supplements, mesotherapy products, vitamins and minerals without the use of needles. It gives you a glow without any abrasiveness or discomfort after just one session. (€30)


7. Neck & Decollete Super Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Treatment - At Firenze Clinica we have a specially designed treatment for this particular area. The neck is one of the places that shows age since the skin of the neck is difficult to treat through common methods of wrinkle treatments that are on the market. In the quest for a smooth, ageless face, sometimes the area from the chin to the chest is often overlooked. But the loose skin that may develop on your neck can be difficult to conceal. Sun damage, age spots, wrinkles and loss of elasticity are softened and lifted with our Jet Peel together with high infusion of collagen and Vitamins which will greatly improve the texture of the neck. (€45)


8. Balance Restoring Eye Treatment - With our Balance Restoring Eye Treatment, tired puffy eyes will tighten and be intensely moisturized with our newest add-on treatment formulated specifically for the delicate eye area.  (€25)  


9. Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Cherry Blossom Aromatherapy Oils

 - Soft lighting, soothing music and warm massage oils all enhance the enjoyment of this light to medium touch massage. Through the use of long strokes, kneading & petrissage, this calming massage will release stress by reducing tension & improving your circulation. Indulge, and feel tension slip away from your mind, body and soul. Enjoy the scent of Cherry Blossom organic oils, which scent offers an incredible indulgence, full of cheerfulness and bliss with mood lifting properties (€80)


Firenze Clinica looks forward to treating all new and existing clients with the appropriate restrictions to ensure health and safety for all and comply with Government & HSE Guidelines

Our calendars & bookings system are open for bookings 7 days per week with scheduled intervals between treatments to allow for sanitizing the treatment rooms and social distancing. 

You can contact us on  01 2966773 or alternatively you can email us at info@firenzeclinica.ie

Please find below our implemented guidelines for clients and therapists.

  • We have reduced our onside client capacity by 60% to allow each room to be fully sanitized after every treatment.
  • Contactless temperature checks and contactless sanitation on arrival. Where a client shows symptoms or has a high temperature registered above 37.5oc they will be not permitted to enter the Clinic.
  • Contactless temperature checks will be done on all staff members twice daily.. 
  • Therapists will be wearing face masks, Face shield, PPE gowns and use disposable gloves during each treatment.  
  • There will be maximum of 3 people at the time 
  • Longer opening hours to minimize the number of clients entering the Clinic at the same time.
  • We will require and redeem any voucher codes, gift cards etc on booking, so to limit staff receiving paper print outs in the Clinic.     
  • We would also encourage contact less payment where possible.


  • Valid until 15th April 2022
  • Valid 7 days a week - Subject to availability
  • Limited weekend availability - Book early to avoid disappointment
  • Bookings required in advance by phone - call 01 2966773 from 2nd December or by email info@firenzeclinica.ie between now and 2nd December
  • Must be 16 yrs or older
  • Offer is for 1 person
  • Customers with sensitive skin may consider suitability before purchase
  • 72 hour cancellation policy applies
  • Treatment time 2 hrs plus Refreshments
  • Entire value must be used in one visit
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
  • Booking required and subject to availability



1 B Ballinteer Road
Dublin 16,

T: +35312966773

E: info@firenzeclinica.ie
W: http://firenzeclinica.ie/

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